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Valmiermuiža Beer Brewery

Valmiera, Latvia

"Valmiermuiža beer" is a small estate brewery located in the historical area of Valmiermuiža in the vicinity of Valmiera. The beer is brewed from the highest-quality ingredients following the principles of slow brewing, which could take up to a month. Following carefully selected recipes a genuinely "live" and unpasteurised beer is made, surely appreciated by any connoisseur!

In the truly hospitable manner of the old Valmiermuiža, the owners of the brewery invite everyone to explore the manor surroundings and visit the Valmiermuiža beer brewery. Visitors will get to know how the beer is made, how it is best enjoyed according to the landlord custom and which foods are most complementary for the beer. A tour around the "Valmiermuiža beer" brewery together with degustation lasts for about 1,5 hours.

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