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Talsi, Latvia

The historical centre of Talsi is situated between Lake Talsi and Lake Vilkmuiza including the ancient streets - Ūdens street and Kalēju street, Dzirnavu street, Kalna street and part of Laidze street and  Lielā street.

Today the King’s Hill (Ķēniņkalns) – one of the places where the dreams of Talsi inhabitants come true – has gained a new meaning and importance. During the times of the first free state of Latvia the town of Talsi ordered the sculptor Karlis Zemdegs a sculpture named "Koklētājs" – in dedication to heroes -  freedom fighters.

Every city has its own charm, spirit and life sweep, its own past, present and future.

In Talsi everything is nearby and close, twisted in a colourful picture. Nine hills and both lakes cherish the history of many centuries.  

Nine hills – Castle hill (Pilskalns), King’s hill (Ķēniņkalns), Leci hill (Leču kalns) , Tiguli hill (Tiguļu kalns), Sun hill (Sauleskalns), Church Hill (Baznīckalns), Krievragkalns, Vilkmuizas hill, Dzirnavkalns –generate specific characteristic building and landscape you may find only in Talsi.  The most beautiful season in Talsi comes when cherry trees and apple trees bloom. The most welcome celebrations are the City Festival in the first week of July, the renewed Dizmaras fair at the end of August, the rally racing in May, Art Days in April-May, Poetry days in September and some other activities.


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