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Riga Art Nouveau Museum

Riga, Latvia

Riga Art Nouveau Museum is the youngest museum in Riga – its opening took place on 23 April 2009. The museum is located in an apartment which until 1907 was the dwelling place and a studio of the distinguished Latvian architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns (1859 – 1928).

The house where the museum premises at 12 Alberta Str. are located was built in 1903 as a private property of K. Pēkšēns. The design was created by K. Pēkšēns and his architecture student Eižens Laube. The museum interior has been restored to its authentic look of 1903. A thorough inspection of the premises began in 2007, discovering and taking note of the original interior makeup. The renovation work was carried out in 2008-2009 under the guidance of master renovator Gunita Čakare.

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