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Old Riga

Riga, Latvia

Old Riga is the historical and geographical centre of Riga on the right bank of the Daugava. Old Riga covers a relatively small inner area of the 13th-18th century fortifications where unique monuments of medieval architecture which, surprisingly, have survived two world wars are concentrated.

One can enjoy the aura of an ancient city in the narrow streets. Unique complexes of residential houses and sacral buildings are found here – Riga Dome Cathedral, construction of which started in the 13th century, Gothic style St. Peter’s Church, St. Jacob’s Cathedral which houses the Seat of the Roman Catholic Church, St. George’s Church, called the White Stone Palace, the beautiful Synagogue of Old Riga, the yard of the Convent of the Holy Spirit, the Dannenstern House, the complex of residential houses "The Three Brothers", Riga Castle, and others.

During medieval times, Riga was a mighty harbour and was a member city of the Hanseatic League which joined the traders of the Baltic Region and North Germany. The Large and the Small Guild, as well as the reconstructed House of the Blackheads recall the Hanseatic times.

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