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Nature Park "dviete Water-meadows"

Riga, Latvia

The nature park "Dviete water-meadows" is situated in the south-east of Latvia, on the left bank of the Daugava River in Augšzeme. The park was established in 2004 in a square area of 4989 ha with an aim to preserve the natural water-meadows.

The nature park "Dviete water-meadows" is one of the largest and best preserved examples of the natural water-meadows in Latvia and Europe. It is a world-scale unique flocking and nesting place for migratory birds where rare, natural and nearly unspoilt water-grasslands serve as a home to a number of rare and protected species of plants and animals in Latvia and Europe.

12 protected plants and animal species have been discovered on the park’s territory, along with more than 40 bird species regarded as especially protected in Latvia and the EU, and seven biotopes under protection in Europe and two in Latvia.


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