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Liepaja, Latvia

Liepaja is also known as the city of wind. The wind blows over the blue waves of the sea, over the the port, the modern architecture and centuries of history to continue on its way all through Latvia.

Liepaja is situated in the south-west of Latvia, 220km from the capital, Riga. The city is surrounded by water on two sides - the Baltic Sea on the west, Lake Liepaja on the east, and a trade channel in the middle connecting both banks. Its proximity to water has also influenced the historical development of the town.

Modern Liepaja originated in the second half of the nineteenth century when the development of railway made industry significant. This can be seen in the modern architecture, where the accents of industrial buildings are still present in the cityscape. The Port of Liepaja provides transit routes.

Liepaja is the third largest city in Latvia in terms of population. It is a regional centre, home to Liepaja University, a theatre, and other cultural and tourist attractions. Liepaja is a place to enjoy art, music and beach activities.

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