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Laima Chocolate Museum

Riga, Latvia

‘Laima’ is the biggest and most well-known producer of chocolate and sweets in the Baltic, where chocolate is made with cocoa beans without using semi-prepared products. The method was introduced in 1870 by factory founder Teodors Rigerts. The Laima chocolate museum welcomes, treats and inspires its visitors. Laima tells, shows and involves!

To Laima, love is the greatest treasure - the secret ingredient in its unique taste and flavour. Since 1870, Laima’s confectioners have converted cocoa beans into chocolate that has no equal in the world.

Life is full of secrets. One of them is how to make chocolate. In the Laima chocolate museum visitors will discover the secrets of making chocolate, find out how cocoa beans are used to make Laima’s chocolate and other delicacies and become true confectioners by making their own chocolate bar.

The museum also contains the famous Laima clock - the symbol of love, the joy of meeting and new beginning. Take a picture and find it on the Laima clock. 

In each one of us there is a confectioner, so take your loved ones by the hand and get lost in the genuine wonder of chocolate-making. The chocolate workshop will appeal to both children and parents... The workshop is available if booked in advance.


Everyone is welcome at the Laima chocolate museum. The exposition is adapted for the disabled, so that everyone can enjoy the wonders of the world of chocolate.

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