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Kalnciema Quarter

Riga, Latvia

The unique look of Pārdaugava’s Kalnciema Quarter (Latvian: Kalnciema kvartāls) is marked by its restored wooden houses, originally built in the late 19th century. This neighbourhood is just a five-minute drive from downtown Riga, or a pleasant 30-minute walk.

One could say that this neat and tidy area is a feast for the eyes and soothing to the soul; among its gems are an art gallery, restaurant and wine shoppe. On Saturday’s all year round, local artisans and food vendors set up their stands. This outdoor market often comes complete with live music, a performance or some other creative activity, and it’s meant for young and old.

When the weather is warm, besides live music (usually traditional/ethnic, on occasion classical), the Quarter hosts movie showings, avant-garde experiments and lecture series’ on science, culture and history, also – walking tours guided by local experts.

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