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Bauska Old Town

Bauska, Latvia

Bauska Old Town has retained its original regular planning, including the Church of the Holy Spirit (16th century) and the Town Hall (17th century), which it is hoped will eventually be renovated, and many of its 18th – 20th century structures.

In the Old Town of Bauska the observant visitor will note the street planning from the 16th century with two streets in parallel with the river (now Rīgas St. and Plūdoņa St.) being connected by small adjacent streets. The market square with the Town Hall in the centre is neatly measured to fit between the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Church of the Holy Trinity. A drawing from the year 1701 offers a clear silhouette from the time – three slender towers hovering over the green leaf enveloped town roofs and all reflected in the River Mēmele.

In Bauska’s Old Town it is possible to take a look at simple wooden dwelling houses and shop buildings on Rīgas St. (e.g. 11-20, 22.5, 24 and others) and on Plūdoņa St. (e.g. 18, 26, 40), as well as upon more elaborate brick buildings – e.g. at No. 41 Rīgas St, No. 54 Plūdoņa St., and No. 14 Rūpniecības St. It is possible to arrange for guided excursions to Bauska Old Town by enquiring at the Bauska Museum of Local History and Arts.  Visitors are also encouraged to drop by the museum to see a most memorable exposition — a show:  “Bauska in the 20th Century”.


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